Rules & Regulations

By joining the BEHA our members agree to follow a Code of Practice that means we are able to guarantee to customers and those contacting the BEHA for advice that all members are following a recommended satisfactory level of operating standard. Ensuring a Code of Practice among members promotes the integrity of our industry, improves consumer confidence and above all seeks to ensure that all members are operating safely and with due regard to their responsibilities towards their customers.

  1. All equipment used for hiring must be purchased from new.
  2. All equipment must meet the latest EU Safety Standards.
  3. All equipment must be supplied with appropriate instructions.
  4. Equipment should be safety checked and cleaned after each hire and maintained regularly.
  5. All equipment should be replaced when no longer fit for use and damaged or broken items must not be hired.
  6. To never intentionally bring the BEHA into disrepute via any media. This includes but is not limited to damaging comments on social networking sites or advertising inappropriate products on websites.
  7. For UK hirer members to operate with an adequate level of public liability insurance and to ensure that insurances and all hiring related documentation are kept up to date. UK members found to be operating without insurance will immediately have their membership withdrawn without notice. Non-UK hirers may maintain their own insurance arrangements relevant to operating standards prevalent within the country of operation. Prospective customers should contact the hirer directly to confirm local arrangements.